Detail of "Diffuse Light" woven burlap (coffee bag sack), mix media  2015

Myra Kooy's
Artist Statement

     All of my art makes use of my environment. When I go into the forest, or walk down city streets, my pores open up and absorb the vibrant symphony of each environment like a sponge; exchanging the air, sounds, smells, textures, images, and the unseen. What floats in the air between people, animals, objects and plants is what sparks my imagination into action.  A found or gifted material from an environment can be the impetus of a whole new body of artwork; whatever I use as my canvas is something that has been gifted to me; a discarded door, pieces of shredded burlap, or a window-pane left by the curb.

     I consider myself a continual student of all aspects of life: of my own ancestral roots, of wisdom from my grandmother and other elders, of diverse cultures, religions, politics, and the list goes on.  I continue to read and study the art of other artists and easily love 100 artists from all genres.  It excites me to learn about new materials and mediums and blend them with materials I’ve been using for years.

     Since creating art gives me a sense of joy, peace and an overall feeling of loving-kindness, it is my desire to offer the viewer, through my art, an equally peaceful place upon which they can relax their eyes.